Protected: 2017 Sale Stock

21 Nov Protected: 2017 Sale Stock

Dear Customer.

Please find below links to all the PDF files of our current Sale Stock.
Links are per metal type and contain a summary of the weight of both Diamond and precious metal.

Please note that the image stone colour of a given SKU# indicates the style,
and may not match the stones type or colour in the actual product, please be sure to check the description for the stone type/colour.
Where possible in large volume items like silver, we have separated natural stones from synthetics.

Please note the SKU# and volume you would like to order, and submit to myself by email on


Overall Gross Summary:

Total Quantity:                                   9952 Pieces
Total Gold Weight 9K:                         2541.73gr
Total Gold Weight 10K:                          311.23gr
Total Gold Weight 14K:                          374.81gr
Total Gold Weight 18K:                            77.58gr
Total Platinum Weight:                            15.85gr
Total Silver Weight:                           18081.18gr
Total Diamond Weight:                         203.93ct
Total Carat Weight other stones:  25963.09ct

Total Value:                               USD$ 250,206.00


Platinum Complete

Items: 4
Platinum Weight: 15.85
Diamond Weight: 1.99
Value: US$1,813.20

18K Complete

Items: 21
Gold Weight: 77.58
Diamond Weight: 2.58
Value: US$4,689.60


Rings Earrings Pendants

Items: 128
Gold Weight: 374.81
Diamond Weight: 12.25
Value: US$20,266.30


Rings Earrings Pendants Bracelets Ceramic

Items: 175
Gold Weight: 273.72
Diamond Weight: 11.57
Value: US$13,833.60

Rings Earrings Pendants Necklaces/Bracelets

Items: 1,070
Gold Weight: 1,792.66
Diamond Weight: 45.59
Value: US$64,522.10

9K & Ceramic:
Rings Earrings Pendants Bracelets

Items: 312
Gold Weight: 428.71
Diamond Weight: 14.69
Value: US$16,667.80


925 & Ceramic:
Rings Earrings Pendants Necklaces/Bracelets

Items: 378
Gold Weight:
Silver Weight: 509.81
Diamond Weight: 8.82
Value: US$7,489.90

10K and 925:
925/10K Complete

Items: 28
Gold Weight: 37.51
Silver Weight: 151.43
Diamond Weight: 1.44
Value: US$1,776.90

9K and 925:
Rings Earrings Pendants Necklaces

Items: 655
Gold Weight: 320.36
Silver Weight: 1,072.56
Diamond Weight: 27.03
Value: US$23,770.60

925 Natural Stone Set:
Rings1 Rings2 / Earrings1 Earrings2  / Pendants
Bracelets Necklaces

Items: 1,379
Silver Weight: 3,222.93
Diamond Weight: 72.80
Value: US$45,817.90

925 CZ and Synthetic:
Rings1 Rings2 Rings3  / Earrings1  Earrings2
Pendants1 Pendants2 Pendants3
Bracelets Necklaces

Items: 3,110
Silver Weight: 9,412.66
Diamond Weight: 0.08
Value: US$33,023.60

925 Others:
Gents  Brooch  Cufflinks  Beads  Miscellaneous
Sets Bangles Bracelets

Items: 2,322
Silver Weight: 4,576.91
Diamond Weight: 5.08
Value: US$16,534.50



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